Monday, January 27, 2014

LRz News: January 2014 - "The Future"

Lyceum Recordz Fan Club
January 2014 
"The Future"

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. A lot has happened in the last 30 days  (or so). Considering this news letter is so late in the month the next one will seem early. :-)

Must Hear


Featuring D HAM, Cass RootFlyboi KD a.k.a. Gang Green
The Real Seville, and yours truly (so far). 

Other new tracks this month (that can be found in the playlist above): 
Must See

Other new videos this month

Apollo's Personal Update:  As discussed in December's Lyceum Recordz Show I have moved from Hollywood to Long Beach! However, the job I obtained didn't afford me enough money to live. I am now moving back up to the Hollywood region. Due to my circumstances I have postponed attending MI for a couple months until I better my situation. For information watch Episode 02 of The Life and Times of Apollo

Music Update: I am working on getting/affording a manager and music lawyer, postponed school (due to financial reasons) and considering a kick starter campaign to start busking; as discussed in January's Lyceum Recordz Show.

My current Reverb Nation rank: 228 However my best ranking on the charts (so far) came over the last month at a chart position of 44. Due to my personal situation I have been unable to maintain or advance my position. 

GOALS (a.k.a.) How can YOU help? 

If you want to help me obtain notoriety in LA I am asking fans and supporters for two things. Get an account on Reverb Nation and become a fan; and watch The Lyceum Recordz Showto know what is happening. You can subscribe here. Soon, I will be launching a kick starter campaign to raise funds. 

Becoming a fan will help lift my rank on the Reverb Nation charts and help me get gigs in the local scene! The kick starter campaign will be used for busking. More information soon! 

If you have a mobile device, download the Apollo App for access to videos, music, and more... all at your finger tips! 

Lyceum Recordz 
...doing BIG things! Closing: THANK YOU! None of this is possible without the help and support of my fans! 

And, as always, I want you to enjoy these emails and continue following so please leave feedback if you have any! Including questions, comments, or suggestions; please don't hesitate to email me back. 

Happy January!

P.S. Subscribe to the Lyceum Recordz TV channel to view videos as they are released. And, don't forget to download the remodeled Apollo App!  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LRz News : December 2013 - "Welcome to Hollywood"

Must HearWhat You Got? 

Apollo's Personal Update: As many of you do and don't know I decided to move to Los Angeles California to further my music career. I will be attending the Musicians Institute (MI) in January for music business while working a full-time job to support myself. For more on that see this month's Lyceum Recordz Show (above)!

The school has been great already; very cooperative and helpful. I have already meet many fellow artists, started networking and building a list of contacts. I love it! 

Music Update: I have started writing, producing, and promoting my music again. I have, what I am pretty sure is three hits written, but am waiting to buy the beats and produce the tracks until I have the money. In the meantime, I am networking, producing, and promoting artists in the LA scene to build relationships and build my way up the Reverb Nation charts! 

I have been working closely with "The Real Seville, a.k.a. Pretty Boy Drama" on a couple projects; the song "What You Got?" in particular. He is currently ranked #43 on the hip-hop charts and we have been happy for the opportunity to work with one another.  

Since I started releasing music (exclusively on Reverb Nation) I have made a HUGE jump in the chart ranks, over a few day period. I started in the 1,000+ position, then moved up to 355, then 197, 154, and currently at the 149

Lastly, in order to show my skills as a (vocal) producer I started a new project called V.O. C.A.L Talent CoLab or VOCAL for short! V.O. C.A.L. meaning Vivid, Original, Cunning, Adroit Lyrics! The collaboration is an on-going project featuring D HAM, Cass RootFlyboi KD a.k.a. Gang Green,The Real Seville, and yours truly (so far). 

GOALS (a.k.a.) How can YOU help? 

If you want to help me obtain notoriety in LA I am asking fans and supporters for two things (see the Music Update for why). Get an account on Reverb Nation and become a fan; and/or listen to the newest tracks. This will help lift my rank on the Reverb Nation charts and help me get gigs in the local scene! If you have a mobile device, download the Apollo App for access to videos, music, and more... all at your finger tips! 

Lyceum Recordz 
...doing BIG things! Closing: I want to thank everyone who has helped me in getting this far. I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends, family, fans, MI, and hosts from Couch Surfers. Thank you, THANK YOU, thank you! I want you to enjoy these emails and continue following so please leave feedback if you have any! Including questions, comments, or suggestions; please don't hesitate to email me back. Otherwise, the next newsletter will be in 2014! 

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Subscribe to the Lyceum Recordz TV channel to view videos as they are released, including featured artists. And, don't forget to download the Apollo App

Monday, December 16, 2013

Apollo (E$) , Lyceum Recordz Publications

This post contains all the outlets that Lyceum Recordz is currently using to distribute, expand, and promote music, video, photography, and the message that coincides. is the one-stop shop for everything Apollo, Dionysus, and E$. The site has tied in all the aspects you see here at a central location while offering sellable goods--such as CDs and clothing--an interactive experience, and ready access to music, shows, videos, blogs, and anything and everything Lyceum Recordz

iTunes and Amazon mp3 is reserved for albums, polished mixtapes, and mastered singles. Only the best tracks make it to iTunes for a wide array of playing mediums to an international audience

Mixtapes and other full compilations will be released (at first) exclusively on datPiff.

Facebook is the best source for new songs, blog posts, events, or any other publication. Whatever is posted to the Apollo, Lyceum Recordz facebook page is 'sent-out' immediately to Twitter. Please visit the Apollo, Lyceum Recordz facebook page, hit the like button, and show your support.

Twitter is designed to be an introduction to Apollo and grab your attention while delivering the message of Lyceum Recordz in a brief paragraph. It's intent is to be the 'business front' involved with operational announcements and the main communication medium.
YouTube is the main video representation of Lyceum Recordz with three divisions/accounts: 

1. Lyceum Recordz: (from now on) will only be publishing Apollo's music videos, live performances, and (later) other officially endorsed artists. With over 11,000 total view, please visit the channel, check out the over 50 videos, subscribe and leave a comment, 'thumbs up,' or favorite the video(s) you like!

2. LyceumRecordztv: will have the Life and Rhyme's of Apollo Eric Leo on a weekly 'show' where fans/viewers can subscribe to hear me talk about events, announcements, news, tracks, blogs posts, and other publications or worldly concerns each week. 

3. LRzPromo: is dedicated to the promotion and exposure of other or underground artists. Unlike LyceumRecordztv which is more dialog and educational based, LRzPromo is the promotional base and features playlists that are musically oriented and give a deeper understanding of artists I find influential/important.

SOUNDCLOUD has the largest library of Lyceum Recordz tracks available on the web. The site features everything from complete mixtapes, and exclusive sets, to experimental tracks, and downloadable vocals. I love it when my fans and listeners leave a comment and/or <3 their favorite track.

Tumblr is used to list anything and everything music and video. It is the entertainment timeline to catalog Apollo's activity as an artist.
On of the largest (and seemly unknown) parts of Lyceum Recordz is the 15 blogs that were started to improve humanity, educate citizens, and give a substantial base of evidence for the message of Lyceum Recordz. This is the reason you should listen to Apollo, Lyceum Recordz. The most popular blogs (in order of most to least) are: The Psychosocial Philosopher, Occupy Hip-Hop, EDULUTION, The Socioeconomic Market, Independent Attention, and FREE The WEED. Click here to see all available blogs. There is a also Facebook page dedicated to these blogs and the subsequent posts call The Psychosocial Philosopher.

Lyceum Recordz is on Pinterest and attempts to capture the essence of Apollo, Dioinysus, E$, the albums and music in pictures (and video).

Reverb Nation is designed to be the main communication website between Lyceum Recordz and other artists and labels. As of right now, Reverb Nation is less for the fans and more for those in music.

E$ Weaponry LP

The E$ Weaponry LP will hopefully be the first and last of it's type! The feel and sentiment of the release is sinister, menacing, pretty negative, and disrespectful. However, I did make an attempt to show the listener that this was fully intentional and part of the E$ act. Like with any story, movie, or good peace of drama, there is an introduction portion, body--complete with a build-up and climax--and then a conclusion which bring the story 'full circle.'

I have said many times about this album: "E$ Weaponry is in an angry tone because the subject matter is such that if you know about what I am talk about... you should be mad and outraged!" On that sentiment is how the album was created. In retrospect, and with all things considered, it is rather mild in temperament.

With 25 tracks E$ Weaponry takes hip-hop to the next level with sharp, vivid imagery and a vociferous delivery built around the theme that words are weapons.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lyceum Recordz's Message: A Reason to Support

It has always been my dream to popularize education and "make science and education sexy" while promoting philosophical intrigue through entertainment. Staying true to the mission of Lyceum Recordz which is peace, love, and unity through truth has proved difficult, especially in light of the information outline in the about section. I have published extensively about the following topics because I feel they are important issues that society needs to know and address in order to bring freedom, build a healthier society, and make the world a better place.

As with all of the issues I discuss, the information is presented in an altruistic egalitarian perspective that is unapologetic in its delivery. The sincerity is designed to inform the listener (or in this case, reader), and leave them with more questions then answers; aware, inquisitive, and concerned (like a good teacher should). Songs and writings are designed to create intrigue into issues and topics whether it's through mere recognition, agreement, controversy, or even opposition. The aggregate intent is to bring exposure and discussion to the forefront of a concerned listener base who thinks independently and can confront the proposed thoughts and problems, as to be ready to create viable solutions.

The writings are (for the most part) 'cut and dry' but the music is designed to attach to an emotion and add a dynamic element to the holistic message of Lyceum Recordz. The previous two paragraphs were the conceptualized ideals of Lyceum Recordz; below is a specific list of social problems, intellectual philosophical thought, and scientific inquiry I, Apollo have discussed and am making aware throughout the cultural ethos.

If you or any constituent needs a rational, reason, or explanation for supporting the message, music, writings, and content of Lyceum Recordz--besides a superior cadence, quality standard, and prestigious delivery (if I do say-so myself)--please, point to this post!

"Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. 
In fact, it is the only way it ever has." - Margaret Mead 

Issues discussed include (but are not limited to):

Women's Rights: Because they Raise (Your) Children!

Peak Oil Production: An Outdated Energy Source

The Environment: Destroying Our Only (Known) Home
Homo Sapiens, A Failing Species 
Humans are Responsible for Global Warming 
Sustainable Agriculture
The Environment as an Asset

Big Pharma: Exposure of the Pharmaceutical Industry


Racism:  Overcoming the Ignorant Social Lie

The War on Drugs: A Lost Cause
The War on Drugs Hurts (Poor) Addicts: Part 1, Crime

The Prison Industrial Complex: Imprisoning the Impoverished

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Character Clarification & Psychological Roots

For clarification, Apollo doesn't talk about women, that would be considered in the character realm of either of (unfortunately) E$ or (preferably) Dionysus. Dionysus only talks of intoxication, sexual activity, and celebration; just as Apollo wouldn't be narcissistic  mean and/or vindictive... that would be considered E$. E$ is the 'dark' alter-ego of both Apollo and Dionysus who over-shadows the two Gods of hip-hop, their friendly demeanor, and good deeds/intentions.

If I had a disclaimer to these characters it would be that there are no fine lines to these character(s)/mentality sets; they are more-or-less simply ideological frameworks that I follow while creating music which often end up meshing together. In any real sense, it's just me drawing upon the different parts of myself (often taken to an extreme) and labeling it either Apollo, Dionysus, and/or E$.

It is a similar artistic expression of Frued's ID, Ego, and Superego where the Ego (organized and realistic) is Apollo, the ID (driven by instinct) is Dionysus, and the Superego (moral 'guide') is E$. However, instead of the Superego (E$) being a moral regulatory force between two more primitive, barbaric mentalities that are not concerned with good, right, morals, or justice; the senario is reversed and E$ (the Superego) is a primitive demoralizing influence that effects the positive, altruistic, and good natured pursuits and sentiments of two godly intellectual (Apollo) and instinctive (Dionysus) character mentalities.

Did I mention I have a minor in psychology and graduated with honors?

Your welcome hip-hop!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fan Club

Lyceum Recordz has a email based fan club in order to better connect with fans by announcing future projects, current publications, and past events. The fan club email is sent out once a month in the middle of the month.

I love my fans and appreciate all your support support. Your email address will not be used for any purpose other than the newsletter. Lyceum Recordz has never sold or released any fan information and will ever.

You can sign up for the fan club by sending an email to with the title "Fan Club" or use the "Follow by Email" widget/gadget below, or sign-up through Reverb Nation (below).